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Sponsors help Grand Prix build community


It might seem obvious for the only bike shop in town to support a bike race like the New West Grand Prix. But for Gord Hobbis, the owner of Cap’s The Original Bike Shop in Sapperton, becoming a sponsor of the Grand Prix is about building a community of cyclists. That’s why his shop, that was started by his grandfather in 1936, is contributing four bikes that can be won by participants in the Kids Prix races that precede the main events of the evening.


“The more cycling interest there is, then there is a chance that a new rider will be ‘born’ as they get inspired,” Hobbis said. “This is key to growing the sport and growing cycling as a fun activity that can be enjoyed by all ages.”

Community is at the heart of Bosa Development’s decision to support the race as well, said the company’s marketing director, Cameron Lust. With a sales centre for its new waterfront condo project, Pier West, prominently placed right along the race’s Columbia Street straightaway, Lust said purchasers of those units aren’t just buying a place to live, they’re also investing into the community and the lifestyle opportunities it affords. Helping create those opportunities is an investment for the company.

“We understand the importance of supporting events within the community like this one,” Lust said.

For Piva Modern Italian restaurant in the Anvil Centre, supporting the race that will whiz right past its front door is a way to fuel community spirit that filters out to all of the city’s business community, said its maitre’d and sommelier, Christopher McFadden.

“We’d like to showcase Piva for what it is, a proud member of the New Westminster restaurant community,” he said. “It’s events like this that bring people to our city from all over the Lower Mainland to help them appreciate what a wonderful city we live in.”

McFadden said being right at the west end of the 925 metre race course, where the riders will make the sweeping right-hand turn off Columbia Street to begin the short, sharp climb up Eighth Street presents a perfect opportunity for spectators to try some of their fare, including locally-inspired cocktails like the Royal City Bellini, or beer on tap from local brewer and fellow sponsor, Steel & Oak.

There’s no doubt there could be some business payoff by supporting the race, Hobbis said. A newly-enthralled fan of bike racing might find themselves at his shop looking to buy their own bike.

The New West Grand Prix would like to thank all of our 2018 event sponsor for their generous financial and in-kind contributions. Your support enables us to present a first class event and make New Westminster a premier cycling destination for participants and spectators alike!

To learn more about how to support the New West Grand Prix through sponsorship opportunities, please visit our sponsor page.


The owner of Cap’s The Original Bike Shop, Gord Hobbis, says being a sponsor of the New West Grand Prix is all about helping build community.

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BC Superweek is Canada’s biggest professional road cycling series and features more than $140,000 in prize money with nine races over ten days. BC Superweek runs from July 6 – 15 and is made up of the Tour de Delta (July 6 – 8), New West Grand Prix (July 10), Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix (July 11), Giro di Burnaby presented by Appia Development (July 12), PoCo Grand Prix presented by Dominion Lending Centres (July 13), and Tour de White Rock (July 14 – 15).​

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