Enhance your enjoyment of the New West Grand Prix by volunteering to host an out of town or country cyclist or team!

For many race participants, their trip to the New West Grand Prix would not be possible if it wasn’t for the generosity and hospitality of local families who participate in the host housing program. Host families make a valuable contribution to the sport of cycling.


1. Provide the cyclist(s) a place to sleep and shower for all or part of BC Superweek (July 5 – 14, 2019)

2. Provide a safe storage place for bike and gear;

3. Although not responsible for providing meals or transportation, many riders will appreciate permission to store items in a refrigerator with access to kitchen appliances.

Every year, BC Superweek race committees see relationships formed between cyclists and their host families that are memorable and last a lifetime. Being a host family is a great opportunity to see inside the world of competitive cycling while exposing your children to the discipline and commitment required to be a professional cyclist.


Do you want someone to root for at this year’s New West Grand Prix?  Sign up to be a host family today!

On race day you may hear or see volunteers seeking cash donations from the crowd. What they are collecting for is called...