2018 New West Grand Prix Race Results

Below you can find the top 3 finish results for Women Pro 1/2/3 and Pro Men 1/2. For the full results please click the link below.


The New West Grand Prix is the newest member of BC Superweek that is North America’s most prestigious road cycling series. The City of New Westminster will play host to the best riders in North America with over 13 different nationalities represented.

Women Pro 1/2/3 Results

1st Place – Sara Bergen

Finish Time: 0:58:29.80


Race Number: 234
Team Name: Rally Cycling
Home Town: Vancouver, BC

2nd Place – Shannon Malseed

Finish Time: 0:58:31.60


Race Number: 227
Team Name: Team TIBCO
Home Town: Mount Clear, AUS

3rd Place – Haley Gill

Finish Time: 0:58:32.60


Race Number: 220
Team Name: Rise Racing
Home Town: Vancouver, BC

Pro Men 1/2 Results

1st Place – Florenz Knauer

Finish Time: 1:11:50.40


Race Number: 186
Team Name: Stradalli Safatti
Home Town: Lisberg

2nd Place – Eric Young

Finish Time: 1:11:51.60


Race Number: 129
Team Name: Rally Cycling
Home Town: Boulder, USA

3rd Place – Bradley Huff

Finish Time: 1:11:51.60


Race Number: 127
Team Name: Rally Cycling
Home Town: Cortez, USA

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